Element Screening is Perfect for Mechanical Equipment

PalmSHIELD has just released a new product, and American Fence Company of Des Moines is proud to offer it to our customers. This new product is called Element screening, and it breaks your screening down to its most basic elements: planks, posts and rails. Element screening is perfect for large enclosures with varying elevations orContinue Reading

AFA Operator Installer School now has American Access graduates

American Access Company went back to school! Over the week of November 3rd, American Access Company’s leadership team attended the AFA’s Operator Installation School. This is a reputable program that teaches extensively and comprehensively all the important aspects of gate operator installation, including: Types of Gate Operators Gate Operator Installation Electricity Basics/Testing Timers and Vehicle DetectorsContinue Reading

How to Operate Barrier Arms Safely

Manufacturers supply you with safety information when you buy your barrier arm, and it is your job to follow all the necessary standards and procedures. It is your responsibility to read through this pamphlet and to understand all the rules and guidelines that go behind barrier arm safety before you operate your barrier arm. BelowContinue Reading

American Fence Company: Now in Sioux City!

With just two post hole diggers, a wheel barrow and a pickup truck, two Omaha men established American Fence Company over 50 years ago. Over time the company grew and developed with 9 branches servicing 13 states. We did this by boldly negotiating for truckload quantities of material which let us price ourselves lower thanContinue Reading

Improve your Property with American Landscape Company

American Fence Company always has something in the works, and 2018 has really been a huge year for us in terms of growth. Along with the other new divisions we’ve launched this year —American Access Company and American Playground Company—we’re excited to announce that we are now offering landscaping services with our new division AmericanContinue Reading

American Playground Company is American Fence Company’s Exciting New Addition

American Playground Company: We Put Safety First! American Fence Company is expanding its family a little further with its newest division, American Playground Company. American Playground Company is the Midwest’s premier park and playground equipment contractor. The leadership over at American Fence Company of South Dakota identified this promising endeavor and dove in headfirst toContinue Reading

Husker Harvest Days and the Nebraska State Fair are protected by American Fence Company – Grand Island

Columbus, Norfolk, Hastings, Grand Island, Kearney, North Platte, and Western Kansas find their preferred fence contractor with American Fence Company – Grand Island In 2008, the Nebraska State Fair moved from Lincoln to Grand Island and for the ten years since it has put its complete trust in American Fence Company – Grand Island forContinue Reading

Protect your job site with temporary fence from American Fence Company of Lincoln

If you are looking for protection for a construction site or event venue that is efficient and cost-effective, American Fence Company of Lincoln has your answer. They make renting temporary fence quick and easy. Rental fencing guarantees that your site will stay secured while remaining flexible to your needs. American Fence offers the installation andContinue Reading

Let American Fence Company of Omaha figure out your gate control system

In years past, access control was no more complicated than a garage door opener, but a lot has changed in the last several years. Now gate access controls include things such as sensing edges, receivers, telephone entry and photo eyes as well as a much larger variety of gate operators. Gate operators and their accessContinue Reading

Gate Access Control: Making it easy for you to get IN while keeping others OUT!

Here at American Fence Company of Iowa, we are making access control easy for you. How great will it be to pull up to your business or home and gain access with the push of a button? We can help you make that happen. With over 100 years of combined experience in gates, operators andContinue Reading

American Fence Company is proud to introduce: American Access Company

American Access Company is the newest addition to the American Fence Company family, and we are so excited to finally be able to offer an undivided focus on access control. American Access Company is a premium gate access control merchant and we sell items such as barrier arms, traffic spikes, operators, receivers, photo eyes andContinue Reading

Mission Dispensary and PalmSHIELD find success in Allentown, PA

Allentown, Pennsylvania opened up their very first medical marijuana dispensary—Mission Dispensary—on June 12, 2018. PalmSHIELD had the great honor of having one of our horizontal louver mechanical screening enclosures installed at their dispensary. PalmSHIELD’s horizontal louver fence system was installed impressively by ProMax Fence Systems. The mechanical equipment screening fits in very nicely with theContinue Reading

Employee of the Month at American Fence Company – Des Moines

How to properly prepare for your temporary fence installation?

With massive construction going on in Des Moines, IA it is critical that temporary fences are used properly for workers and pedestrian safety. Having installed thousands of temporary construction fences, our crews have sat idle at many job sites while the contractor frantically tries to figure-out where to put his construction fence. We have alsoContinue Reading

How To Select & Specify Vinyl Coated Chain Link

How to select and specify vinyl coated chain link can be confusing. Why the confusion? It all stems from the gage and coating type. Is it finished gage or core wire gage? According to ASTM  668, vinyl coated chain link is specified and ordered by the metallic core wire. However, according to various suppliers, theyContinue Reading

AFC Des Moines Protects the City with Temporary Fence

Check out this Temporary Construction Security Fence! This first project is in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. It consists of 4’ tall chain link fence that is on top of concrete K rail (AKA Jersey Barrier). When completed, the project will be a multi-tenant housing facility that will also offer commercial office space for lease orContinue Reading

How To Layout Your Next Outfield Fence

There are dozens of youth and community organizations each year who are interested in installing their own ballfield fencing.  American Fence Company can help. When pencil hits paper to start laying-out their field dimensions, they begin to scratch their heads.  How do we get a greater distance from center field to home plate then from rightContinue Reading

American Fence Company doing their Civic Duty

American Fence Company doing their Civic Duty

Once again, American Fence Company of Iowa rises to meet its civic duty.  American Fence Company’s temporary construction fence prevents the young but very large chick from tumbling to his peril along this City of Des Moines road way.   You can count on our temporary construction fence to not only protect your site from largeContinue Reading

Temporary Construction Fence

It is construction season in the Midwest!  American Fence Company of Iowa is ready to meet your immediate site security needs.  We have over five thousand temporary fence panels in inventory.  The equates to over thirteen miles of temporary site security fence!   Standing ready are over forty installation crews ready to load-up and head-out toContinue Reading

Announcing our new Casino design, a diagonal louver or slat system

Are you looking for a more contemporary design?  PalmSHIELD’s new Casino panels provides a real eye-catching appeal. When architects and designers are looking for that really unique design that may be the focal point; the Casino design is perfect for enclosing outdoor patios and cafes’.  These panels provide some needed shade while forming some appealingContinue Reading

Aluminum Bar Grating Panels

Are you interested in a security fence that offers great ventilation and visibility? PalmSHIELD now offers aluminum bar grating panels among its security fencing options. Aluminum bar grating panels are made up of bars that are installed parallel to each other and cross rods that run perpendicular for increased stability and strength. PalmSHIELD’s panels areContinue Reading

Keep Your Building Up-to-Code With PalmSHIELD Screens and Doors

You now have the option to make your screen system fire code compliant with PalmSHIELD’s exit doors and hardware. They offer a large selection of leading safety and security door hardware. From heavy duty to cost-efficient exit alarms, exit devices, low energy automatic operators and external keying devices. Not only can their products be fireContinue Reading

Every gate is a success

America’s Fence Store proves that every gate is a success.  Every large cantilever gate that is longer than sixty-five feet and has a mechanical splice is fully tested in their shop.  This is not an easy task.  Each gate is supported with a series of lifts and blocks to replicate what would occur in theContinue Reading

Comparing Windscreening and Slats for Chain Link Fence

Want some privacy or wind protection for your chain link fence, you should consider installing a windscreen or some slats. Both provide extra coverage on your chain link fence that can reduce visibility, increase aesthetics and block the wind. This can be beneficial for a range of fences, from small scale fences up to majorContinue Reading

Green Treated Posts

American Fence Company of Iowa uses treated posts are made of white pine and are treated with the same ACQ2 treatment as yellow pine. It is designed to have a long service life and to stay in great condition for many years. White pine is more expensive than yellow pine but is also less likelyContinue Reading

PalmSHIELD basks in sunny Los Angeles.

 PalmSHIELD basks in sunny Los Angeles.  PalmSHIELD louvers is proud to have been selected by the City of Los Angeles Water and Power as their mechanical equipment closure.  The City of Los Angeles has a tight set of requirements relative to their mechanical equipment louvered systems.  Louvered equipment enclosures must meet the 31 pounds perContinue Reading

4 foot Overscallop Cantilever Gate

Our 4 foot tall overscallop Spear Top Gate is 4’ at its lowest point and slopes up to 4’ 6”. This gate has a 16 foot opening and is 24 feet long overall. With this gate, the first impression of your property will give off to a passersby or visitor will be one of eleganceContinue Reading

Aluminum Swing Gate

I’d bet your property could benefit from a driveway gate? How about a lightweight, easy to use swing gate that is both corrosion resistant and low maintenance? If so, then the estate gate you’re looking for could be an aluminum swing gate. Swing gates are meant to be opened with only one arm. Aluminum isContinue Reading

PalmSHIELD is excited to announce our new bar grating railing and fence systems

PalmSHIELD is excited to announce the addition of our new aluminum bar grating railing and fence panel system specifications and CAD drawings.  This information will make it easy and complete for architects and engineers to provide a complete set of specifications for bar grating panel systems.  PalmSHIELD has been successfully manufacturing aluminum and steel barContinue Reading

CR20 Top Rail

If you’re looking for extra strength and a lighter weight in your chain link fence, look no further. Our CR20 .085 1-5/8″ x 21′ Top Rail was specifically engineered and designed for commercial and industrial applications. Their cold rolled quality not only provides a lot of control over the shape and mold and a nicerContinue Reading

PalmSHIELD Square Mesh Panel System CAD Drawings and Specifications

PalmSHIELD is excited to announce that we have established a complete set of CAD drawings and specifications for our PalmSHIELD Square Mesh Aluminum Panel System.  With this information, engineers and architects will have an easier time providing a complete set of specifications for perforated metal panel systems. This is the only complete perforated metal panelContinue Reading

Palmshield Perforated Panel Screen System CAD Drawings and Specifications

Our team at PalmSHIELD is very excited to announce that we have established a complete set of specifications and CAD drawings for our PalmSHIELD Aluminum Perforated Panel Screen System.  With this information, engineers and architects will find it much easier to provide a complete set of specifications for perforated metal panel systems. This is theContinue Reading

The Future of High Security Fence Requirements

Today, high security is more than just a tall fence. It is a vehicle restraint system designed to stop 10,000 lb vehicles traveling at 30+ mph from getting within one meter of the system. It’s sensing and alarming intruders who engage the perimeter. High security is a now ballistic restrictive screening system that fragments small arms fire.Continue Reading

Get Style and Safety with an Overscallop Estate Gate

Add class and prestige to your property with an estate gate. Estate gates, also known as driveway and drive gates, are usually placed on a driveway to let in or keep out cars. These gates are usually made of sturdy ornamental iron, which adds to the privacy and safety of your residence. Style Overscallop, alsoContinue Reading

Use a Child-proof Pool Latch to Prevent Drownings

Above cooling off and having fun, safety is a swimming pool’s most important factor. Kids adore swimming, but unfortunately drowning is the second leading cause of death for kids under age 5. Most child drownings occur in a family’s, friend’s or relative’s pool, which are usually more accessible and much less supervised than a publicContinue Reading

Western Red Cedar 5 inch Pickets: Featured Product

Western red cedar is considered one of the finest wood fence materials. This vibrant, rich red wood has many impressive qualities such as high dimensional stability, an easy-to-stain surface and resistance to insects and rot. Pickets Made with You in Mind Western Red Cedar is an unmatched fencing material choice if you are looking intoContinue Reading

Ornamental Iron Flat Top: Featured Product

Fencing is not only a tool for privacy and safety, but it’s also a part of your property’s landscaping, which helps to add your own personal style and personality. Ornamental iron fencing is a classic fencing style that provides a sophisticated, high-class addition to your home. Prefabricated ornamental iron is a refined type of metalContinue Reading

Incense Cedar: Featured Product

Incense Cedar is taking over as one of the most commonly used woods in the fencing industry. It’s not hard to see why with its many great qualities and lower price point. Incense cedar is native to the forests in western Nevada, California and southern Oregon. It is a handsome blond non-resinous wood with straight,Continue Reading

Unfounded Vinyl Fence Fears

As we round the corner on another Midwest winter, our neighborhood’s vinyl fences are still standing.  Surprising? Of course, not. Vinyl fencing has been around for over twenty years. Its popularity has grown exponentially as it replaces wood and ornamental in popularity.  Yet, there are still many home owners and neighborhood associations that are hesitantContinue Reading

Vinyl Coated Chain Link

Purchasing vinyl coated chain link fencing can be confusing.  One contractor says “9 gauge material” on his proposal while another says “11 gauge wire”.  Which one is better?  Undetermined. Why the confusion?  It all stems from the gauge.  Is it finished gauge or core wire gauge?  According to ASTM  668, vinyl coated chain link isContinue Reading

The cold reality of your gate

Every day, we go through dozens of doors without giving it a second thought.  We just don’t realize the precision that goes into a door and jamb.  Isn’t it amazing how the strike hits the strike plate each and every time? Ok, not that amazing. The cold reality is that your gates are not doors.Continue Reading

Why all the confusion over vinyl coated chain link?

Why the confusion?  It all stems from the gauge.  Is it finished gauge or core wire gauge?  According to ASTM  668, vinyl coated chain link is specified and ordered by the metallic core wire.  However, according to various suppliers, they may interpret your request to mean a finished gauge ( metallic core wire plus vinylContinue Reading

The Death of Real Cedar Fencing

When I was a boy I use to work summers at my father’s fence company.  Back then, cedar fence boards were rich with dark red, brown and orange hues.  The boards had a strong cedar smell that was so pungent that you might have thought you were locked in your grandmother’s cedar closet.  Back then,Continue Reading