Electricians + American Access Company = More Revenue!

Partnering with American Access Company allows electricians to build relationships with customers calling about automatic gates.

What we do:

  • Gate installation
  • Gate welding and mechanical repairs
  • Gate parts and components sourcing
  • Providing advice/demonstrations to customers on access control and automated gate operation

What you do:

  • Electrical wire installation
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Building relationships with gate/access control customers
  • Project management
AFC Grand Island - Custom Gates, Access control

As electricians in Des Moines, IA, you have no doubt received the occasional call from customers inquiring about automated gates and remote access devices. This is to be expected — as the market for automatic gates in Des Moines has grown in recent years, and electricians are needed to install the wiring that makes these secure entry devices operate. Sometimes, customers call back with questions about their gates (instructions, maintenance, repairs), so it’s more money in your pocket if you’re able to take those calls. You can get this by partnering with American Access Company.

American Access Company is the nation’s top provider and installer of automatic gates. When you partner with us, we’ll handle the complicated work — and follow-up jobs — that come after the electrician has installed the necessary wiring. This includes gate installation, providing demonstrations/answering questions on how access control devices work, and follow-up gate maintenance and repair. When customers call with questions not related to electricity, you field the calls, we perform the work, you bill the customer. Being able to take these calls also helps build long-lasting relationships with clients, so it’s a benefit for you all-around.

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