Specialty Products in Des Moines

Custom Fabrication

Our gazebos, pergolas, unique mailboxes, etc. can be custom designed and fabricated from an assortment of materials that include vinyl, wood, and metal. Our in-house fabrication team uses state-of-the-art equipment to construct specialty products according to your exact needs and specifications.

Made to Order

Custom-made means the specialty products received from us will be truly unique, one of a kind, and distinguished. An elegant gazebo, for instance, will set your yard apart from your neighbors.

Uncommon Products

In addition to gazebos, American Fence Company of Des Moines can fabricate and install less common specialty products such as arbors and pergolas.


Have you been thinking about getting a unique specialty product to help distinguish your home in Des Moines? Perhaps a gazebo for the backyard? Or an elegantly designed arch for your garden entrance? No matter the product you’re envisioning, the team here at American Fence Company can transform your concept into a reality. In addition to working in a 10,000 square foot facility stocked with state-of-the-art equipment, our staff is highly trained to tackle projects of all kinds and sizes.

The team also provides computer-aided drawings to customers before the actual fabrication process begins. This way you know the product we build is the product you want.

Specialty Products FAQ

What specialty products can the team at American Fence Company of Des Moines fabricate?

We are a custom fabricator, which means we can create a broad spectrum of products from gazebos to pergolas to arbors to mailboxes. Arches, railings, special fencing, you name it! We can fabricate items from vinyl, wood, aluminum, steel, cast iron, copper, stainless steel, etc.

I have an idea for a specialty product in Des Moines. What comes next?

Simply contact American Fence Company of Des Moines and tell us about your idea. No drawings or complicated measurements are required for this initial conversation. We will then report to the drawing board and drum up a computer-aided design—at no expense to you! Once the design has your approval, we’ll meet you at your home to take field dimensions. Next come fabrication drawings for you to approve once again. Only once everything’s approved will we begin the actual fabrication process.

We will also discuss coating options with you: powder coating, electrostatic, galvanizing, hand painting, etc. Samples of the above are available for you to look over and select. And when the product is finished, we will deliver it to your residence and—if you wish—install it for you!