Best in Class Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Fence Durability

Our vinyl fences in Des Moines are guaranteed to withstand the extreme heat and extreme cold of our Midwest weather. We also offer limited lifetime warranty to cover damage such as cracking, chipping, and peeling.

Low Maintenance

Because of their great durability, vinyl fence panels don’t require frequent staining, repainting, or total replacement. Spend less time fixing the cracks, fades, and peels in your fence and more time enjoying it.

Vinyl Fence Styles and Colors

To spiff up your fence in a way that boosts curb appeal while complementing your home exterior doesn’t cost a fortune. Check out American Fence Company’s vast options on fence styles and colors.


Thanks to the impact-resistant material from which it derives, vinyl fencing is extremely resistant to everyday wear and tear. Whereas metal and wood are vulnerable to rot and rust, the material under discussion is incredibly durable and able to withstand negative effects of all kinds. This includes erosion, fading, and insect-related damage (such as that caused by termites and carpenter ants). For this reason and others, it is the go-to fence type for homeowners and fence contractors in Des Moines—as well as nationwide!

Here at American Fence Company of Des Moines, we source only the best vinyl, through partnerships with reputable vendors and manufacturers such as Ply Gem Fence & Rail.

Residential Vinyl Fencing in Des Moines FAQ

How cost-competitive is vinyl fencing compared to wood?

In two words: very comparable. The more detailed example is that a typical #1 grade cedar fence (with the price of staining factored in) is less price competitive than a new vinyl fence. And really quick: vinyl fence panels cost less than ornamental steel fencing.

How strong is vinyl fencing? Will it burn?

In contrast to wood and metal fencing, vinyl boasts an impressive degree of flexibility. This is due in part to the fact that the materials have been engineered with a chemical formulation for exceptional impact resistance. This means your fence will be able to withstand normal everyday impacts including balls thrown by children and pets brushing against the panels. As for the question of burning: vinyl’s flashpoint equates approximately 900 degrees.

How long do vinyl fences last? What is the warranty on the vinyl fences installed by American Fence Company of Des Moines?

The high-quality vinyl utilized here at American Fence Company is designed to last a lifetime. Similarly, it comes with a lifetime warranty to cover chips, peeling, and cracks – which is the only damage you should notice over time unless your fence is subjected to an unusually strong impact (say, a rock thrown by a lawnmower or a vehicular collision). Yellowing is not a common issue with PVC, as it contains titanium dioxide (TIO2) which prevents ultraviolet degradation. American Fence Company of Des Moines partners with Kroy Vinyl Products in warrantying our product for 20 years against premature discoloration.

Do vinyl fence panels become brittle in the winter?

This is a valid question to ask, given how erratic and sometimes brutally cold winters can be here in the Midwest. As a PVC product, vinyl becomes slightly less flexible as the temperature becomes cold. That said, it still should not crack unless struck with an unusual amount of force.

How do you clean vinyl fencing? Is it graffiti-proof?

In most cases, water mixed with a mild detergent is enough to make a vinyl fence look clean and new again. For tougher stains, try Soft Scrub or baking soda. For the most stubborn stains, try Simple Green and steel wool. Vinyl is not graffiti-proof but paint can be removed using a pressure washer or—for tougher stains—paint thinner. You can also try 400 grit sandpaper.

How do I make my vinyl fence unique to my yard?

Here at American Fence Company of Des Moines, we employ the following five-step process:

  1. Our staff personally meets with you to discuss design and layout.
  2. Our team stakes out the yard before coming to you for review and approval.
  3. You are provided with a post layout map which shows the installation point for each vinyl fence post.
  4. Following the complete setting of the fence posts, we’ll prepare a fabrication drawing that shows the bays’ slopes and dimensions.
  5. American Fence Company’s computerized fabrication shop will fabricates the vinyl fence panels according to plan.

Can American Fence Company custom design my vinyl fence panels?

Yes. Operating the Midwest’s largest computerized fabrication shop, we can design, fabricate, and install a vinyl fence to your specifications.