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School Fencing Tips – Gate Locations & Safety

School fencing and gates  in Iowa are a big concern for parents and school staff.  This quickly became apparent upon the number of readers' comments I received with our first two blogs.  One of the most prevalent themes was the use and care of gates.  Many of the parents brought up some very val[read more]

Not Just Any Louvered Screen

PalmSHIELD is not your average louvered screen manufacturer.  We are an engineered louvered system manufacturer.  What does this boil down to for our customers?  PalmSHIELD reviews every project for the following conditions. Where are the louvered screens going to be located?  If a rooft[read more]

Following my blog on fencing at schools, a devote reader commented about her their childhood on the playground.  The four foot tall chain link that separated the kids from the asphalt was as much part of the playground equipment as was the slide, swings and teeter-totter.  The chain link fence was[read more]

This morning, I sat in traffic behind a sea of yellow caterpillars.  All of them moving in different directions with heads bopping up and down inside.  School is back in session…I was reminded.  At the next stop light, I begin to drift away to an article I read about a teacher who severely dama[read more]

Extraordinarily Large Gates Are Our Specialty

America's Gate Company is one of the Nation's largest gate manufacturers.  We have become this by building decorative and chain link swing, cantilever, slide and overhead gates.  We specialize in the manufacture and installation extraordinarily large gates. Recently, America's Gate Company bui[read more]

  PalmSHIELD is a custom louvered manufacturer.  That is exactly what the Village of Kilmarnock needed for their new amphitheater.  The Half Shell Theater is highlighted with PalmSHIELD's louvered architectural panels.  Front and center is a twenty foot wide custom louvered panel that hig[read more]

How deep should my gate post be into my footing? How large of a footing do I need based on my gate? Gate posts, in general, should be set deeper and with a larger footing than your typical terminal post. With the gate cantilevering off the post; the post puts a great deal of stress on the footing[read more]

One more move … AFC-Grand Island

In March 2018,  AFC-Grand Island will be moving to 1605 N Shady Bend Rd Grand Island, NE 68801.  This is a long overdue move.  Grand Island’s current facility is on its last lap as you can see the stars at night while standing in the shop.  Their new facility was built less than ten years [read more]