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How To Layout Your Next Outfield Fence

There are dozens of youth and community organizations each year who are interested in installing their own ballfield fencing.  American Fence Company can help. When pencil hits paper to start laying-out their field dimensions, they begin to scratch their heads.  How do we get a greater distance f[read more]

American Fence Company doing their Civic Duty

Once again, American Fence Company of Iowa rises to meet its civic duty.  American Fence Company’s temporary construction fence prevents the young but very large chick from tumbling to his peril along this City of Des Moines road way.   You can count on our temporary construction fence to not o[read more]

It is construction season in the Midwest!  American Fence Company of Iowa is ready to meet your immediate site security needs.  We have over five thousand temporary fence panels in inventory.  The equates to over thirteen miles of temporary site security fence!   Standing ready are over forty i[read more]

Announcing our new Casino design, a diagonal louver or slat system

Are you looking for a more contemporary design?  PalmSHIELD’s new Casino panels provides a real eye-catching appeal. When architects and designers are looking for that really unique design that may be the focal point; the Casino design is perfect for enclosing outdoor patios and cafes’.  These[read more]

Aluminum Bar Grating Panels

Are you interested in a security fence that offers great ventilation and visibility? PalmSHIELD now offers aluminum bar grating panels among its security fencing options. Aluminum bar grating panels are made up of bars that are installed parallel to each other and cross rods that run perpendicula[read more]

You now have the option to make your screen system fire code compliant with PalmSHIELD’s exit doors and hardware. They offer a large selection of leading safety and security door hardware. From heavy duty to cost-efficient exit alarms, exit devices, low energy automatic operators and external keyi[read more]

Every gate is a success

America’s Fence Store proves that every gate is a success.  Every large cantilever gate that is longer than sixty-five feet and has a mechanical splice is fully tested in their shop.  This is not an easy task.  Each gate is supported with a series of lifts and blocks to replicate what would occ[read more]

Comparing Windscreening and Slats for Chain Link Fence

Want some privacy or wind protection for your chain link fence, you should consider installing a windscreen or some slats. Both provide extra coverage on your chain link fence that can reduce visibility, increase aesthetics and block the wind. This can be beneficial for a range of fences, from small[read more]