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The residential fences designed and installed by American Fence Company combine beauty and longevity into a prestige, affordable product that will secure your home for decades.


Commercial fencing in Mason City, Iowa provides advanced security and visual elegance. These high-quality fences make clients and employees feel welcome and secure.

Material Sales

American Fence Company maintains 18+ acres of inventory across the Midwest. Our supply of vinyl, wood, chain link, and ornamental steel allows us to complete residential and commercial projects of all kinds.

Gate Automation

As the top automated gate contractor in Mason City, we have all the tools and equipment needed to help keep intruders out of your property. These gates also provide easy entry to residents and employees.

For 55+ years, American Fence Company has provided high-quality residential and commercial fencing in Mason City, as well as neighboring Iowa communities such as Clear Lake, Forest City, and Charles City. Our services include fence design, installation, and repair. We are also the go-to contractor for automated gates and high-security installations, our services sought after by airports, data centers, power plants, and substations. Possessing the largest inventory of fence parts in the Midwest, we also sell materials wholesale to the public.

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Residential Fence Products


A popular choice nationwide for its low maintenance and extreme durability, vinyl is likewise among the most in-demand fence types in Mason City. Here at American Fence Company, we manage the Midwest’s largest vinyl fence parts inventory, with plentiful options on colors and styles.


Sourcing only the highest quality wood stock—from species including Douglas fir, incense cedar, western red cedar, and white pine—American Fence Company provides several fence style options that include privacy, semi-privacy, and shadow box.


Affordable, high-quality products that combine security and elegance. Choose from a broad selection of picket and rail styles. Delivering top-notch fencing to Mason City, Charles City, Forest City, and other nearby Iowa communities.

Custom Ornamental

Specifically designed and fabricated according to the needs of the individual customer, our custom ornamental fencing is put together by trained industry professionals. This elegant fencing has the potential to raise property value.

Automated Gates

In addition to helping keep out intruders, our automated gates and access control systems make authorized entry easy and uncomplicated. Each year we install thousands of gates and systems nationwide.


Looking for ready-made railings in Mason City? Would you prefer custom design railings built to match your personal aesthetics? American Fence Company employs a vast team of certified designers and fabricators who can put together elegant railings made of vinyl or ornamental. Numerous options on adornments are available.

Specialty Products

Gazebos, arbors, arches, custom mailboxes. These and a plethora of similar specialty items are custom-made here at American Fence Company by our fabrication team.

Our Process Delivers Best-in-Class Fences

Global Purchasing Power

American Fence Company’s 55+ years in the business have forged lasting relations with respected vendors worldwide. Because of this and our tremendous buying power, we acquire hundreds of truckloads and train carloads of fence materials each year—at the best possible prices. The resultant savings we then pass onto our customers.

Exclusive Ornamental Product

The products manufactured under our exclusive prefabricated ornamental fencing line, American Ornamental, are cost-competitive yet equal to the big brands on the market.

Manufacturing Division

Because we operate our own in-house manufacturing division, American Fence Company possesses greater flexibility and capability than the average fence contractor in Mason City. Our services are also requested and delivered in nearby communities such as Clear Lake, Forest City, and Charles City.


Another byproduct of our many decades in the business is American Fence Company’s impeccable safety record. Dozens of industry-specific safety practices and equipment certification programs have earned us consistently excellent MOD rates. We presently maintain a rating of 0.73, which is markedly better than the industry average of 1.1.

Professional Team

American Fence Company believes in delivering top-quality product and rewarding the professionals who make it all possible. In the last three years alone, we’ve granted our employees increased wages, new multiple benefits packages, and additional PTO.

Size Matters

Presently managing 12 branches and numerous divisions nationwide, American Fence Company has delivered and installed high-quality fencing, gates, and architectural screening in each of the continental United States. Our company employs more than 300 professionals.

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