With over 55 years of construction fence experience and after installing more than 100,000 feet of temporary fencing across the Midwest, American Fence Rental, a division of American Fence Company, can help you with the latest rental fencing technology and the newest and greatest security solutions. American Fence Rental’s temporary fencing systems can help create the security and protection needed for a variety of projects from run of the mill construction, marathons, concert venues and anything else that could benefit from temporary barriers. Anywhere you need to limit access or increase protection, they have all the rental fence options you need.

American Fence Rental specializes in offering the most affordable and high-quality rental fencing options for customers all across the Midwest. Customers work with our project managers to choose the correct rental fence option to fit their needs. American Fence Rental has thousands of temporary fence panels, barricades, posts and fabric ready for delivery and installation on hand. They have a variety of different options, including anti-climb as well as classic chain link temporary fence. They also have the capability to customize the fencing to each customers’ needs and specifications.

Temporary Fence Rental Products in Des Moines, IA

Panel Fencing

Quick to install and cost-effective. Our panel fencing is customizable to suit your temporary fence needs. It was designed to provide a quick and convenient solution, so they’re portable and easy to configure and reconfigure. This is an excellent rental fence type to have if the amount of fencing you need will be changing. Panel fencing is installed either by drilling into the existing pavement or with a freestanding system.

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American Fence Company of Omaha’s rental barricades provides a great solution for regulating pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Perfect for golf tournaments, weddings, marathons, concerts, parades, you name it. These rental barricades are lightweight, free-standing, and easy to install. No special installation equipment required for this temporary fence solution.

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American Fence Company of Omaha has a variety of gate options for your temporary fencing needs.  Pedestrian gates, vehicle swing gates, and vehicle slide gates are some of the more common choices. Whether you need a gate to accommodate pedestrians or control vehicular traffic in your job site, we can help ensure that only authorized personnel gain access to your site.

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Anti-Climb Temporary Fence

Anti-climb security temp fence

For an extra boost of security for your rental fencing, look to anti-climb temp fence. This style of temp fence has narrow rectangular mesh, is welded on all sides for a stronger frame and has C-brackets installed on all corners. This style of temporary fencing was created to deter thieves and vandals and any other unauthorized personnel from accessing your job site.

The Anti Climb temporary fence option is the most durable and safest temporary fencing option for construction and event site security. These temporary fence panels consist of 99 vertical and 13 horizontal wire that also protrude past the tube. If anyone managed to find a way to climb this fencing, they would still be met with a nasty surprise at the top.

Chain Link Temporary Fence

Portable temporary fence panels made of chain link

Temporary chain link post and fabric fence installation is performed by driving posts into the ground. If necessary, we will core drill into concrete or asphalt surfaces first and then drive the posts. If you do not wish to break-up existing surfaces, the posts can be installed into portable stands that are anchored with 60-pound sand bags. This temporary post and fabric chain link fence is the best means to create a continuous well anchored barrier around the perimeter of your project.  You may customize your rental fence with additional options including barbwire for site security or protection from dust and prying eyes with our privacy screening.

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