Gate Access Control: Making it easy for you to get IN while keeping others OUT!

Here at American Fence Company of Iowa, we are making access control easy for you. How great will it be to pull up to your business or home and gain access with the push of a button? We can help you make that happen. With over 100 years of combined experience in gates, operators and access controls we have the solution to meet your needs. American Fence Company is a dealer for nearly every brand of gate operator on the market.

Cantilever gate operators move your sliding gate open and closed via a chain drive or rail drive system all from the comfort of your vehicle. With a keypad, telephone entry or a simple transmitter, you can make this system work just the way you want. Want to see who is requesting access? A closed-circuit camera at the gate location will let you know who is requesting access. Ready to leave? No need to do a thing. Install a free exit loop and just drive over it and watch the gate open.

Have a swing gate you would like to automate? Let us help. Having installed operators on gate from 8 feet wide to over 70 feet wide, we have more than enough experience to meet your needs. Swing gate operators are available with all of the same features as a cantilever gate, simply a different mechanism of moving the gate.

A third type of gate is a vertical pivot gate. These are especially common in areas where there is not adequate room for an opened gate to be stored. Again, this type of gate can be equipped with all of the mechanisms available on the other gate types.

Many of the options are available with a solar option. Solar can be a reasonable alternative to running electrical line to the gate locations. Several variables will come into play when determining whether or not solar is a good option. The most significant factors are the number of cycles the operator will see and what the adjacent landscape looks like. Please consult with your American Fence Company representative to see if solar is a good option for your application.

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